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AICCRE, Regional Council of Abruzzo, Italy

aiccre logoAICCRE is a political and cultural movement, that maintains its strength and its coherence thanks to the militancy in it of all the levels of the autonomies: from the Municipalities and the others intermediary Public Bodies, to the Regions. As tool of specific action, AICCRE gives particular relevance to the twinning projects, that have created in Europe a network of over 7.000 Municipalities and other twinned territorial Public bodies.

AICCRE steadily operates with universities and its main activities are: training to and for local actors and regional administrations; involvement in EU programs and projects; dissemination and mainstreaming activities at local, national and transnational level. It supports the development of twinning links and any other form of cooperation, exchange of experience and transfer of know-how.

AICCRE addresses regional and local initiatives towards the creation of relations and cooperation of Mediterranean countries for the solution to socio-economic problems. Moreover, it incorporates a consultancy organism of the European Council, operating as a meeting point for the National delegations of local and regional administrators of the Member States for the discussion of themes relevant for the territorial autonomies and for the creation of a “United Europe”.

Finally, the previous experience of AICCRE in INTERREG and in other relevant European funded projects concerning: Programme Interreg IIIC East, Project LOGON – Local Governments Network of Central and Eastern European Countries, Creation of a cooperation network to increase Exchange of communication and information between NAC and the rest of ‘old’ Europe. (2003-2005). Programme Interreg IVC, Project CIA – Capitalizing Innovative Approaches towards Demographic Change like National coordinator.

AICCRE involved Abruzzo Region and L’Aquila University within the objective of favoring the participating regions in adopting and adapting innovative approaches in demographic change management and increase stakeholders’ awareness (June 2008 – May 2010 (in progress)).

Contact Details

AICCRE – Italian Association for the Council of Municipalities and Regions of Europe, Regional Council of Abruzzo
Via M. Iacobucci, 4
67100 L’Aquila (AQ) – Italy

Piazza Unione
65127 Pescara (PE) – Italy

INTERVALUE Project Contact person

Palmina Romano
Tel: + 39 349 3594459
E-mail: [email protected]

Simona Tiberio
+ 39 349 8558636
E-mail: [email protected]

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