Technology & Market Watch
The tool incorporates intelligent features to find, filter and develop information on technological advancements, competition, and market environments.
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New Product Development
The tool is complete guide that supports incubating firms during their new product development process, which is a major process in their start-up steps.
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Products & Services Promotion
The tool helps incubating firms to build their website. It also provides a marketplace where they can promote and sell their innovative products and services.
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Incubator Management
The tool helps the incubator's management unit to monitor and assess the innovation progress of the incubating firms from the entry until their graduation.
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About MediCube Project

The aim of MEDI-CUBE is to create a fertile environment within the Incubating unit in order for innovation to flourish. The outcome of the project is the creation of a network of incubators, developing a strategic alliance in the area, that will facilitate transfer of technologies in innovation management. Visit MediCube site  »

About Incubator's On-line Platform

The platform aims to facilitate the transfer innovation and technology to tenant companies. Through sixteen pilot implementations it will be adapted to different business environments and sectors, such as food, IT, health, telecommunications, energy, automation, etc.