Table 1. Selected applications from the survey
Intelligence Creation
Selected Projects/ Applications
Foresight Prométhée I (RIS initiative) and Prométhée II (PRAI initiative)
RIS+ Limburg
No web site
R3L initiative - SEEL and RELL projects &
R3L initiative - New indicators in learning cities and regions
No web site
Benchmarking UK Benchmarking index
PROBE (Promoting Business excellence)
EURBEST - European Union Benchmarking, Economic Strategy and Transfer
European Innovation Scoreboard
Sustainability for organisations: a guide to best practice in Wales
R&D Madri+d portal - r&d service
Steinbeis Foundation
User-oriented information technology USIX national technology agency (TEKES)
Association of Regional Observatories ARO
The Carnegie Mellon Centre for Economic Development (CED)
Joint-Venture Silicon Valley Network
Technology Watch Madri+d portal - technology watch service
Observatorio Pasaia
South West of England Regional Development Agency
Technological skills Madri+d portal - human resources service
EURES - the European Job Mobility Portal
European Job-Guide
Technical Chamber of Greece database
Table 2. Case studies report
Field of interest Application Partner responsible
Foresight Prométhée I and II programmes
Institute Jules-Destrée
Benchmarking European Innovation Scoreboard
University of Wales,
Cardiff Business School
R&D Madri+d portal - r&d service
Technology Watch Madri+d portal - technology watch service
Technological skills Change2IT (e-Content programme)
URENIO research unit