Project Objectives

The origin of the project is to embrace crucial issues for knowledge development in EU regions.

Main goal is to develop an intelligent application, the MetaForesight application, which will integrate regional foresight, r&d, benchmarking, market watch and technology skills, aiming at providing:

  1. Information on the regions' knowledge capacity
  2. Assessment of regional differences regarding knowledge performance
  3. Information on best practices put in place in EU regions in engaging into the knowledge economy and society
  4. Information that enhances research capabilities, innovation production capacities and Regional knowledge strategies
  5. Dissemination of knowledge based practices and strategies

The application will provide data either for each participating region or cross-linking data from the participating regions. This goal is specialised in the following specific objectives:

  1. Establishment of an intra-regional and trans-regional partnership among stakeholders of the participating regions. The development and implementation of the MetaForesight application, presupposes the reinforcement of collaboration networks inside and between regions. The collection of regional data, corner stone for the application development, requires the active participation and collaboration among different regional agents from the regional authorities, the academic community, the private and the public sector. A network of the regions participating in the project will be established, in order to reinforce exchanges of experience and knowledge. The MetaForesight network is expected to be expanded with the participation of other EU regions, after the development of the application.
  2. Evaluation of existing information systems, methodologies and data including auxiliary modules, such as benchmarking, foresight, technology and market watch etc.
  3. Analysis of best practice identified in information technology applications for the development of regional intelligence.
  4. Design and development of the MetaForesight model, based on the findings of the research above and development of the software application. Integrated search, analysis and data reporting in the fields of foresight, r&d, benchmarking, market watch and technological skills will be provided.
  5. Testing and evaluation of the application in one partner region, and after the appropriate improvements and corrections, free distribution to European regions aiming to applying a homogenous EU regional software intelligence system.
  6. Dissemination of the project activities and results over EU regions, through promotion leaflets, the Internet, the publication of a practical guide on the use of the MetaForesight application to facilitate implementation in interested regions, and the organisation of a final conference of the project.

The Project