Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (FUNDECYT) has a central role in the economic, structural and innovation strategy development in Extremadura.

It is a non profit institution and its main objective is to stimulate co-operation between firms, universities and public administrations in order to foster regional development. It is an initiative launched with the support and guidance of the Regional Government, the University of Extremadura and two regional financial Institutions. Nowadays, the institution has more than 50 employees, of which around 15 are directly involved in research and technological development activities.

FUNDECYT is one of the more significant "movers and shakers of the innovation process" in Extremadura.

FUNDECYT works on the basis of the regional SMEs, University and Technological Centres demands in benefit of the overall community. Following this line, FUNDECYT has lead and co-participated in an increasing number of RTD projects, at both, national and European level, which have resulted to an exponential RTD activity on the Region: cooperative projects (INTERREG), technology transfer projects (IV Framework Programme), educational projects (LEONARDO DA VINCI), RIS projects, and is also the regional Innovation Relay Centre (CENEO). Therefore it has significant expertise and competences including:

  • effective project management skills
  • experience on technology and quality assistance
  • specialised training
  • in-depth knowledge of the regional industrial structure needs
  • direct access and influence on key regional innovation policy makers
  • high organisation skills
  • excellent networking skills


C/ Manuel Fdez. MejÍas s/n 2a planta
Edificio Hospital Provincial
E-06002 Badajoz, Spain
Tel: +34 924 207690
Fax: +34 924 238 450
Carolina Grau
[email protected]

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