Institut Jules-Destrée

Institut Jules-Destrée is a non governmental and not-profit organisation founded in 1938 and located in the Wallonia Region. Its action is directed to four main fields: research, information and technology, prospective and foresight, and citizenship.

The Jules-Destrée Institute takes part in the internet governance within the internet Societal Discussion Forum (ISDF). This international organisation has been set up by the Internet Society to think about the societal development of the internet and to build the best way to extend and preserve citizenship values in the virtual world.

Benefiting from its specific experience, and from its contacts with international networks (Futuribles, the World Futures Studies Federation, Millenium Project of the American Council for United Nations University, etc.), the Destrée Institute created a Futures Unit to deal with prospective and foresight matters.

The government of Wallonia charged the Destrée Institute with a mission to enforce a permanent regional foresight exercise. This mission implies the animation of a collective thinking process about the futures of the Wallonia Region. This mission has also an important methodological dimension; the Destrée Institute wishes to keep up with conceptual evolutions in prospective and foresight, and to be on the watch to detect all events or signals which could be meaningful to prepare for the next generation.

The Destrée Institute is involved in the "High Level Foresight Expert Group", implemented by DG Research and is member of the Scientific Committee (Conseil de Prospective et de Dynamique territoriale) of DATAR (France).

Institut Jules-Destrée

Institut Jules-Destrée
Avenue Louis Huart 9
B5000 Namur, Belgium
Tel: +32 81 221042
Fax: +32 81 226411
Pascale Van Doren
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