Project Partners

Work on the core of MetaForesight activities is common and equally distributed between partners. Specific tasks undertaken by partners correspond to their competences and serve the efficient implementation of the project:

URENIO Research Unit, as the project co-ordinator, undertakes the supervision of the whole project, the communication with the Commission, the consolidation of the interim and the final report of the project. URENIO is also responsible for the work for the development and testing of the MetaForesight software application.

FUNDECYT undertakes the organisation of the final conference.

University of Wales, Cardiff is responsible for the on-going evaluation of the project.

INFYDE, co-ordinates the work for the design of the MetaForesight model.

Institute Jules-Destrée is responsible for the preparation and publication of the manual for the MetaForesight application.

Complementarities between project partners concern their past involvement in initiatives dealing with intelligent instruments of governance, such as benchmarking, foresight, and technology watch, and their participation in regional and inter-regional networks fostering regional intelligence.

Existing experiences and networking capabilities are key factors generating added value to the project, and they will be put in place to achieve the expected results.