Platform Overview

The platform includes three components:

(1) The Portal, which is mainly addressed to regional authorities and intermediary organisations. It is a watch service focusing on selected industrial sectors (ICT, food & beverages, textiles, metals and plastics), and for each sector it provides continually updated information, at regional and global level, in five fields:

  • Foresight (vision, future trends, key technologies, emerging industries, societal trends),
  • R&D and innovation (current research, patent information, new products, processes/ technologies, regulations and standards),
  • Market watch (news, market prices, market trends, market analysis/ reports),
  • Benchmarking (regional index, selected indicators, best practices, competition practices),
  • Competences (centres/ laboratories, experts, suppliers, partners).

More recent articles for each selected sector and field are presented in the first page of the portal. Users, regional authorities and institutions, intermediary organisations, companies, may navigate the stories/ articles or search for a specific topic, though the search engine provided.

The Meta-Foresight portal supports the creation of newsletters, which are automatically posted via e-mail to the list of members and users of the application.

(2) The Toolbox, which is mainly addressed to companies and provides an individual company assessment report, which:

  • analyses the current position of the company within the sector and the region,
  • identifies trends in the sector and the region that may affect the future performance of the company,
  • highlights technology and market evolutions related to the sector, and
  • informs on the competence centres at the regional and global level that may support the company on technology and innovation issues

The Meta-Foresight Company Report combines inputs from different applications: assessment coming from benchmarking, statement of facts based on market watch, opportunities offered by R&D, trends based on foresight, and capabilities available in competence centres and human skills. The report covers all major fields of the company activity, but mainly the fields related to innovation, technologies, and processes. It is structured in 8 sections: (A) Financial performance, (B) Strategy and management, (C) Products, (D) Markets and competition, (E) Research and innovation, (F) Production processes, (G) Supply chain and networks, and (H) Quality and standards.

(3) The Meta-Foresight guide with describes the Meta-Foresight concept, and explains the structure and functions of the portal and the toolbox.