Strategic planning methods and e-tools

Intelligent city planning methods and e-tools provide guidance and analyse the steps that need to be taken in order to plan and implement a successful smart city strategy. As an overarching methodological framework, at URENIO Research we have developed the ‘Roadmap for the Intelligent City’, which comprises three distinct stages and seven steps towards the realization of the intelligent city. The first stage examines the components of the smart city (urban system / innovation system / digital environment). The second stage addresses the integration of the previous components in a strategic framework. The final stage regards the implementation of the smart city strategy, including the development of digital services, business models, and measurement scoreboards. This approach serves the development of digital applications that respond effectively to urban problems and challenges, while it simultaneously encourages the participation and collaboration among the smart city’s stakeholders, leading to the development of highly effective smart city solutions and services.

Roadmap for intelligent city planning, developed by URENIO ResearchRoadmap for intelligent city planning, developed by URENIO Research

Parallel to the roadmap, we have developed about thirty online applications and e-tools that support the creation and implementation of smart city and regional innovation strategies. These span the areas of Governance (web-based tools for vision creation and stakeholder engagement), Analysis of Context (tools for profiling, infrastructure mapping, innovation ecosystem mapping, benchmarking, scientific production profiling), Strategy formulation (tools for collaborative vision building, scenario development, foresight/Delphi), Priority Setting (focus groups application and tools for analysis of extroversion and related variety), Policy Mix (action plan co-design tool, budgeting tool, calls consultation tool, innovation maps application, open data tool), and Monitoring & evaluation (monitoring application, balanced scorecard tool, stakeholder satisfaction monitoring tool, social media analysis tool).

Finally, URENIO has a long tradition in the research of innovation management and diffusion and has created a very large number of online platforms, tools and methodologies on this subject. More specifically, URENIO has developed roadmaps on new product development and IPR management (NPD-NET, Q-Lime), online training tools on innovation and technology management, virtual environments for the valorization of scientific research, technology transfer and technological collaboration (Intervalue, INNOLAB), as well as online tools for technology watch, foresight, benchmarking and assessment of innovation performance

In the area of methods and e-tools, URENIO research offers:

  • advice on creating and adapting an intelligent city roadmap and on selecting the appropriate online applications and e-tools for intelligent city development
  • a toolbox with online services for innovation strategy development and implementation
  • a set of innovation management tools and methodologies in the form of online roadmaps, marketplaces, virtual collaboration environments etc.



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