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The Partners Network

Virtual Network of European Technology Parks

The network is created in the framework of the European project On-Line Innovation (OnLi), and links technology parks, university labs, and technology transfer centres of Finland, Germany, Greece, and Portugal. The organisations composing the network are working together along the concept 'Intelligent Cities', meaning to develop a virtual innovation environment and integrate it with the technology practices of the technology parks.

The foundation of the network lies in the willingness of the technology parks to develop telematic applications and to offer online services in the areas of innovation management, technology transfer, and spin-off support to European SMEs. Each member of the network focuses on a specific thematic area of technology transfer, and the complementary specialisations of the technology parks create the advantage of the co-operation.


Thematic Category

The network consists of a well-balanced mix of Technology Parks and Innovative organisations. The four technology parks (Thessaloniki, Taguspark, Oulu, Ostfalen) make the core of the network. Coupled with the service oriented Technology Parks that bring with them experience with their regional SMEs are a University Research Laboratory with a strong reputation and an impressive achievement record in this field and a private Technology Transfer organisation well versed in project management and the practicalities of Innovation management. The network also brings together expertise from all corners of Europe. This not only addresses the point of validity and sustainability of the scope of the network, but also ensures that SMEs from countries with cultural proximity to the countries involved can start using the On-line Innovation services right away.

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