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The ONLI Project

The Pilot Action of Excellence on Innovative Start-up

On-line Innovation: Virtual European Network of Technology Parks for Innovative Services

The project ONLI aims to link Technology Parks, Universities, and Technology Transfer Centres in a European virtual one-stop-shop network to provide on-line services related to Innovation Management, Technology Transfer, and Spin-off Support to European SMEs.

The main objective is to offer a variety of easily accessible telematic tools through which European SMEs can instantly access on-line technology matches, training, consultancy, self-assessment tools, success stories, best practices, and information links. On-Line Innovation will apply, use, and validate Innovation Management tools in the thematic areas of Technology Audit, Technology Clinic/Networking, Technology DataBase and Watch, Technology Assessment, Financing of Innovation, and Marketing of Innovation.

Initially, these already tested and validated tools will be selected from tools included in other Innovation Programs and afterwards will be adjusted to the specific requirement of each of the participating countries addressing the country based requirements and diversity in each country's SMEs needs. The Interlinking of the deliverable of each partner will integrate fragmented expertise and create a showcase for European best practices integrating their expertise and contribution to one European level Business service.

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