The expected results and final product of the Central Macedonia RTP are as follows:

The formulation of a programme for technological development in Central Macedonia, to be rooted in substantial agreement between the principal bodies and agencies of the public and private sectors in the Region. The programme will include projects and actions to be implemented through the 2nd CSF, other Community programmes or initiatives and public and private investment. It will focus on support structures for the regional innovation system and actions connected with information on technology and innovation, technology transfer, automation services, quality control and certification, on-going vocational training, etc.

The creation of an observatory to monitor the progress of the programme, and to record and provide to companies, government and the research community information about the innovation system and the supply and demand for technology services in Central Macedonia.

The participation of Central Macedonian bodies and agencies in the network of Regions within the Community which are elaborating RTPs and collaborating on matters of technology development and innovation.

In order to realise all the above, an analytical working programme was drawn up, including details of actions and implementing agents and an analytical timetable.