RTP projects

1. Funding Businesses for Technological Modernisation

2. Funding Businesses for Research and Technological Development

3. Funding Businesses from the European R&D Programmes

4. Foreign Direct Investment and International Technology co-operation

5. Networking in the Food Industry

6. Networking in the Textile Industry

7. Employee Technology Training

8. Training in Innovation Management

9. Training in Risk Management

10. Training in Quality and Exports

11. Technology Transfer Department at the Thessaloniki Technology Park

12. Textiles Institute of Northern Greece

13. Centre for Research Dissemination - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

14. Food Company of Northern Greece

15. Local Centres and Network for Technology Services

16. Centre for Industrial and Developmental Studies of Northern Greece

17. Association for Industrial Information Technologies

18. Association for Anti-Pollution Technologies

19. Association for Automation Systems

20. Association for Quality Control

21. Association for Agro-Technologies

22. Expansion of the RTP Observatory